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News - 29-12-2016 - - 0 comments
Getting Your New Year Resolutions Organised

Now all the excitement of Christmas is over and we are heading into the new year we are looking towards making resolutions. If your resolution is to be more organised then let us help you with our top tips 

1. Checklists

The key to not forgetting important personal events and items is a well written checklist. It does not have to be a fancy notebook that is colour coded but having a place to write out what needs doing and check off as you go can help you feel more in control of your day to day life. 

Create daily, weekly, monthly and yearly lists. 

A diary with a page per day view is an ideal place to jot things down for the day to day items and record what is needed in the future. 

2. Plan ahead - Buy an expanding pocket folder

This is a great tip for busy people who hate to forget important things. Buy an expanding pocket folder and label the months from January to December - place a checklist in each with important dates and things to remember. You can then place birthday, anniversary and invitations in each month ready to send or respond to. When you spot an ideal card buy it and keep it in the folder for when the date arrives. Keep a pocket at the front with stamps, addresses and pens. 

If there is space have an important document pocket at the back - Birth certificates,  passports and insurance documents etc. have a habit of going missing when you need them quickly - if they have a safe place then they are less likely to get lost.  

3. Plan a menu for the week

Leaving evening meals to the last minute can turn out to be either unhealthy or expensive. Avoid this by planning ahead. Have a regular shopping day each week, write out a list of your favourite meals and then plan for the week ahead. When shopping check use by/best before dates and then you will have a weeks worth of meals. Keep shopping lists and menus that work out for you to use in the future. 

4. Bedding sheet pockets 

When you wash the bedding fold the duvet cover, bed sheet and pillow cases together into a pile then place inside one of the pillow cases. This will help keep the matching sets in the same washing rotation and ensure that when you grab one pocket you have everything you need to change a bed. No more searching for correct sized sheets or matching pillow cases. 

5. Cleaning 

Divide your home into sections Bedroom, Bathroom, Kitchen and living space. Have a housework folder and make use of a checklist of daily, weekly, monthly and yearly tasks. You can designate a set time for each of these and then tackle them easily. When living in a family or a house share with other busy people it can be difficult to designate time to household tasks. Booking Acleaner can help alleviate the stress and you will then know that important tasks will be done each week. Booking at will ensure that you will have the same cleaner every time who is experienced and vetted. 

We would love to hear about your new years resolutions, let us know how you plan to keep on track with them. 

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