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News - 02-10-2018 - - 0 comments

We have all seen a list of cleaning hacks that give you ideas on how to clean things with everyday items and objects. Well here at we were wondering which were true and which would lead to a waste of time and money.

"White wine cleans red wine stains"  - FALSE 

Red Wine

The first on our list is the famous 'White wine to clean red wine' hack that seems like a good idea at the time.

Tested by they found that the red wine stain did not budge and the white wine left a pungent smell. They say white wine drinkers will rejoice as white wine is rubbish at removing red wine stains and they are better off drinking it. Bottoms up!


"Lemon juice can clean hard water spots and stains" - TRUE 


Second on our list is you can use a lemon to clean hard water stains and spots. This is a simple way of cleaning in the home without using harsh chemicals and it naturally smells nice as well. The Mother Nature Network tried this out and found that it helped on the shower fixture. Science backs this myth up too. 'Hard water' is water that has a high mineral content - such as calcium and magnesium. Lemons contain citric acid as well as other acids that dissolve these mineral deposits. 

"Use Vinegar to clean everything" - TRUE and FALSE  

windowThere seems to be 101 ways to use vinegar in and around your home but there are also some risks. Always do a spot check before using it on a surface or item in your home.

You should not use it on granite or marble surfaces as the acid in the vinegar will harm these natural stones. Do not use it to clean through your iron as it can damage some of the parts.You can use vinegar safely on windows to clean them and also to remove sticky glue labels.

We think the best cleaning legend is ... to get someone else to do the hard work! It is fast an easy either book online at or call 02037 728642

These are the top myths and legends that come up time and again. Do you know of any myths or hacks and do they work? Do you have a funny story related to trying a hack? We would love to hear about it let us know on  Facebook or  Twitter  

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