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Top Forgotten Cleaning Jobs

What have we forgotten? With our busy lives of work, family and friends it is sometimes easy to stick to the basics when it comes to doing the housework and house hold chores. You have clothes to wear, food to eat and a place to relax who needs to do anything else right? 

Well, there are a number of jobs that you should really be doing regularly so that they do not turn into a monster job that you hate to do. We have compiled a list of the top forgotten cleaning jobs and how to do them quickly and without hassle. If we have missed the cleaning job you hate to do and always put off doing let us know in the comments!

Here are our top 4 forgotten cleaning jobs 


Cleaning air vents in bathroom and kitchen

The air vents and extraction fans are great they are generally automatic and get on and do their job of keeping the bathroom and kitchen air free of dust, grease, smoke and steam. Over time they do collect grease and dust on the blades and vents. They are usually out of sight and out of mind when you are doing other cleaning chores. It can mess up the mechanism if it gets too greasy.

We suggest putting this forgotten job on your monthly cleaning list. It is a quick and easy job, using warm water and washing up liquid just wipe over the vents and blades to help remove the grease. Please see the instructions of your vent or fan incase there are any special cleaning instructions. 

Toaster crumbs 

We love toast! We also forget to clean the crumb tray regularly. If you forget this job then your toaster is likely to keep toasting the crumbs and that can lead to them burning and smoking. This can make you think your toast is on fire, pop the bread prematurely and you end up with inadequately toasted bread. Even if you ignore the burning smell the smoke may affect the taste of what you are toasting. 

So we suggest you put this job on the weekly cleaning list, depending on how much toast you get through! It really is a quick job just unplug the toaster take out the crumb tray and give it a good wipe down over the bin. Make sure all the crumbs are out of the toaster and you can then get back to only worrying whether to have jam or marmalade on the yummy crumb free toast.


Cleaning your bins

The kitchen bin is probably one of the most regularly used item in the kitchen and although we use a bin liner sometimes things get between the bin and the liner. A warm, damp place that could be a breeding ground for bacteria and mould. Whilst taking out the old liner and putting a new one in you often end up forgetting to give the bin a clean. 

We suggest putting this on your cleaning list to do on bin night. This may be weekly or fortnightly depending on where you live. By doing it on bin night all the rubbish should be out of the house and you can wash the bin out with warm soapy water and then leaving to dry. The same can be done with the bathroom bin. 

Empty the vacuum

The vacuum cleaner is a hard working machine and helps speed up cleaning floors and surfaces. We are all guilty of not remembering to empty the vacuum cleaner regularly. When the bag or machine is full it leads to it not working as efficiently as it could. That will give you more work to do in the long run and even the top fancy machines do not empty themselves. 

We recommend that you put this on your monthly cleaning list to ensure your vacuum is working in tip top condition. We are sure you will notice the difference in the performance of your machine. 


So now you know the top jobs that get forgotten add them to your regular cleaning schedule and you will not forget the in the future. 


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